• Thompson-Boling Arena (TBA) at the University of Tennessee


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The SuperSport is the smallest, lightest and brightest LED solution for arena sports lighting. Weighing in at just 22 pounds, the SuperSport replaces conventional lighting that weighs 100-150 pounds while producing energy savings of up to 85%*.

 The SuperSport is the future of arena lighting:LED-NA SuperSport

  • Up to 85% energy savings
  • Weighs just 22 pounds!
  • Uses exclusive, patented graphite foam technology
  • 400 watts
  • 35,000 lumens
  • 200 foot-candles per square foot
  • 89 lm/W efficacy
  • Can be dimmed and brought to full light in seconds
  • Built in processor allows control over each individual LED
  • Made in the USA



 The SuperSport exclusively utilizes a patented graphite foam technology under license from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), one of the world’s leading research facilities. The foam serves to super cool the LEDs without the need for bulky, traditional aluminum heat sinks — giving you maximum output without thermal compromise in a housing the size of two shoeboxes. 

* When compared to conventional arena lighting solutions.

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