LED-NA successfully debuts Trinity at Seattle BOMA Show

LED-NA successfully debuts Trinity at Seattle BOMA Show

Seattle, WA. – June 27, 2012

LED North America successfully introduced the Trinity High Bay light, the world’s lightest and brightest passively cooled LED high bay light, at the Building Owners and Managers Association show in Seattle, June 23-26.  The BOMA show, commercial real estate’s premier professional event, is a collaborative meeting of the industry’s best minds.  It was a three-day learning and networking opportunity that connected professionals representing all building types with a wealth of new offerings and informational seminars designed to increase operational performance, reduce costs and boost NOI.

Said Andrew Wilhelm, President of LED-NA, “One of the goals of this conference is to help building owners and managers find products and solutions to help them save money, add efficiencies and increase property values.  Both our lights, Trinity and Manhattan, will certainly help them meet that goal.”

Added Andy Geshwiler, LED-NA’s Vice President of Sales, “I’m very pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic response that the lights are receiving here in Seattle.  Although we are still awaiting the final LM79 test results for Trinity, it appears that we have a product that strikes a chord with our target market.”

Several other LED vendors, as well as numerous Energy Service Companies, attended the BOMA show.  Based on their interest, it is apparent that Trinity, once it is available for commercial sale, will be a winner in its market segment. 

LED-NA Presents to Nashville IFMA Chapter

LED-NA Presents to Nashville IFMA Chapter

Nashville, July 17, 2012

LED North America was honored to be invited to present to the Nashville chapter of the International Facility Managers Association during their monthly meeting, July 17.  (Please click here to see presentation.)   The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) is the association of choice for facilities professionals, technical service consultants, and other facility-related product and service providers which comprise the workplace management professions.  The IFMA Nashville chapter provides an environment and opportunity for information sharing, networking, learning and professional and personal development of all members. 

Said Andrew Wilhelm, President of LED-NA, “We viewed this presentation today as an opportunity to educate the Nashville IFMA members about the size and scale of the energy savings opportunities in switching from conventional lighting to LED.  We also wanted to familiarize them with the technology that we employ in our lights – what truly distinguishes us from our competitors.  Lastly, we wanted to show them a few real world case studies that demonstrate how quickly our LED lights pay back their investment. ”

Andy Geshwiler, LED-NA’s Vice President of Sales added, “LED North America is initially targeting the High Bay market segment in the TVA footprint.  In North America there are over 200 million high bay lights currently installed.    Within the TVA footprint there are well over 2,000,000 high bay lights.  That number, coupled with the generous support from TVA, makes this is a very attractive market. “

The Nashville IFMA chapter is a thriving organization.  They meet on a monthly basis to keep their members fully informed on educational opportunities, professional development and the latest trends in Facilities Management.  “We would like to thank J.C. Blakely, IFMA Nashville’s President, for offering us this opportunity and hope that we can continue to work closely together.” said Mr. Wilhelm. 


IFMA Nashville – www.ifmanashville.org

LED North America – http://www.led-na.com/

LED North America exhibits at the ESC Market Transformation Conference

LED North America exhibits at the ESC Market Transformation Conference

Nashville, August 24, 2012

LED-NA was pleased to exhibit their Manhattan Low Bay Light and Trinity High Bay Light at the Energy Service Coalition’s Market Transformation Conference August 23 and 24.  This was the first national conference for the Energy Service Coalition.  Members from far and wide attended.  There were members from California, Michigan, Upstate New York, Virginia – literally representatives from coast to coast.  Even Hawaii had representatives there.

The Energy Services Coalition (ESC) is a national nonprofit organization composed of a network of experts from a wide range of organizations working together at the state and local level to increase energy efficiency and building upgrades through energy savings performance contracting.  Energy savings performance contracting enables building owners to use future energy savings to pay for up-front costs of energy-saving projects, eliminating the need to dip into capital budgets.

Said Andy Geshwiler, LED-NA Vice President of Sales, “We wanted to attend and support this first ever national meeting for ESC.  It’s important to be here to educate the Energy Service Companies in our area about our product line up and to develop relationships in order to work closely together for our mutual success.”

 “It was interesting to see the number of other LED companies exhibiting.  This confirms for us, and for pretty much everyone else at the conference, that energy savings through lighting upgrades is truly the sweetest of the low hanging fruit.  It’s relatively straight forward for an organization to take on, it’s visible, it has an immediate economic benefit and there is growing incentive support for making the switch.”

Diane Morris, LED-NA Sales Representative, said, “This was an interesting conference to attend.  I learned a great deal about the ESC business model.  It was also neat to see the level of support for energy efficiency – on a local, state and regional level.  We saw Nashville Mayor Karl Dean introduce a new Energy Efficiency initiative for Metro, heard from Commissioner Bob Martineau of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and Bob Balzar, Vice President of Energy Efficiency and Demand Response at the Tennessee Valley Authority, was the keynote speaker on Friday.  Energy efficiency is not just a talking point for these gentlemen – they live it and breathe it.  For them to take time out of their busy schedules demonstrates the respect that they have for the ESC, their supplier/partners and their shared mission.”

Energy Services Coalition – https://energyservicescoalition.org/ LED North America – www.led-na.com

LED North America Exhibit at Living Green Expo

LED North America Exhibit at Living Green Expo

Franklin, August 25, 2012

LED North America was one of over 100 exhibitors at the Keep Williamson Beautiful 2012 Living Green Expo August 25 at the Williamson County Ag Expo.  Keep Williamson Beautiful’s mission is to partner with volunteers and businesses to keep the Williamson County community clean, green and environmentally aware.   Williamson County, one of the most affluent counties in the state, has been working long and hard to establish Franklin and Williamson County as one of the greenest communities in the nation.

Andy Geshwiler, LED-NA’s Vice President of Sales, was there to represent LED North America.  “This is a really fun event for me to participate in.  It is really something to see the focus that this community places on Green Living.  We see exhibitors here ranging from low tech to high tech – Amish Chicken coops to the most advanced geo-thermal heating and cooling systems.  I’m tickled to be here representing LED North America and supporting the focus on Green Living here in Williamson County.”

“From our vantage point here in the Expo Arena, we can look out over the entire arena and see all 250 metal halide lights currently installed.  You can see the lights in various stages of life – a couple are burnt out, more than a few have started their end of life transition to a kind of blue/purple color.  All of them are using immense amounts of power – more than 400 watts each.  Our Trinity High Bay light could replace those, reduce the energy usage by at least 50% and eliminate their maintenance expense.  From our vantage point here in the arena – it’s easy to contrast the two technologies and give folks a real life example of which is the superior technology. “

“While most of the exhibitors are focused on the individual consumer, I feel it’s important for us to be here – to make everyone aware of the enormous energy savings potential of LEDs in industrial or commercial applications.  Raising awareness, educating consumers, letting them know that LEDs are mainstream, economically feasible, have a huge positive impact on a company’s bottom line and an even bigger positive impact on the environment – that’s why we’re here.”


Keep Williamson Beautiful – http://www.keepwilliamsonbeautiful.org/

LED North America – www.led-na.com



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