Eblen Center

Eblen Center Case Study

  • Client: Tennessee Technological University
  • Facility: Eblen Center
  • Project Date: December 2015
  • Annual Energy Savings: 254,408 kWh (81%)
  • Fixture Count: Before: 66     After: 68
  • Foot-Candles: Before: 125fc     After: 200fc

Eblen Center at Tennessee Tech University


Eblen Center on the campus of Tennessee Technological University has a capacity of 9,280. It opened in 1977 and is named for former TTU coach and professor Hooper Eblen. It is home to Golden Eagle Men’s and Women’s Basketball as well as Women’s Volleyball. In addition to their new LED lighting system, new seating and a center-hung LED scoreboard were recently installed.


The facility lighting system consisted of sixty-six (66) 1,000W metal halide fixtures with no shutters. Catwalk mounting locations were only available in the four corners of the building. The system was old and light levels were not up to current NCAA standards. The challenge was insuring uniformity in utilizing only the corner mounting locations.


The University wanted a more robust lighting system and the ability to add color LEDs for pre-game festivities and enhanced fan experiences. Replacement of the current 1,000W metal halide system with LED North America’s SuperSport™ 2.0 with Color Arena LED to provide better uniformity and improved light levels that meet Level C of the NCAA Best Lighting Practice specifications. Eblen Center is the first facility in the nation to install a fixture that incorporated both high-power white LEDs for game illumination and full 4-color mixing capabilities from a single luminaire. In addition, the University wanted to enhance operational use and fan experience with color capabilities.


To exceed NCAA Level C illumination, Sixty-eight (68) SuperSport™ 2.0 with Color Arena LED luminaires were installed and mounted from the corner catwalk 64 feet above the arena floor. Our proprietary software system, Venue Manager™, was also installed which allows for complete programming of each SuperSport™ 2.0 and develop customized color “scenes” for differing events. Lastly, a PIN-enabled Microsoft Surface was installed in a lock box in the tunnel for coaches to access simple control of the lights.


Fixture count was slightly increased from 66 to 68, due to achieving proper uniformity from the four corner catwalk mounting locations. Illumination was increased 60% from 125fc to 200fc. Eblen Center now conforms to NCAA lighting levels as well as new HDTV broadcast requirements. In addition, through the use of Venue Manager™, the University has set up various “scenes” for specific events such and customized color “scenes” for the National Anthem and player introductions.