Thompson-Boling Arena

Thompson-Boling Arena Case Study

Client: The University of Tennessee

Facility: Thompson-Boling Arena

Project Date: March 21, 2014

Annual Energy Savings: 576,000 kWh (80%)

Fixture Count Before: 110  After: 88

Foot-Candles Before:  130fc After: 230fc

Thompson-Boling Arena (TBA) at the University of Tennessee


Thompson-Boling Arena (TBA) at the University of Tennessee is the largest on-campus basketball-only facility in the country. The 21,678 seat facility is home to the Men’s and Women’s Basketball programs and Women’s Volleyball. In addition, TBA hosts numerous other events such as concerts, graduations, WWE, and NCAA post-season tournaments.


The facility lighting system consisted of (110) 1,000W metal halide fixtures with shutters. The system was aging and light levels were not up to the new standards for hosting a NCAA Women’s Final Four event.


Replacement of the current 1,000W metal halide system with LED North America’s SuperSport™ Arena LED to provide better uniformity and improved light levels that meet Level B of the NCAA Best Lighting Practice specifications. Include software to control the luminaires hereby enhancing operational use and fan experience.


(88) SuperSport™ Arena LED luminaires were installed and mounted from the catwalk 100 feet above the arena floor. Our proprietary software system, Venue Manager™, was also installed which allows for complete programming of each SuperSport™ to develop customized “scenes” for various events.


Fixture count was reduced from 110 to 88. Through the first 3 months of operation, TBA has realized over an 80% decrease in their energy costs. This was achieved by utilizing our Venue Manager™ software to control the lights only when and where they are needed. Foot-candles on the court went from 130fc to 230fc; an increase of 77%. TBA now conforms to NCAA lighting levels to host future Women’s Final Four tournaments as well as new HDTV broadcast requirements.

Read the letter of recommendation (Adobe PDF) LED North America received from the University of Tennessee.