LED-NA SuperSport™ increases lumen output without compromising thermals

LED North America, in conjunction with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has tested an actively cooled LED module that is void of aluminum. 

By actively cooling the graphite foam, LEDNA was able to increase the drive current to the LED array; hereby increasing the lumen output without compromising thermals.

LEDNA SuperSport Install - Thompson-Boling Arena

SuperSport™ installation at the University of Tennessee’s Thompson-Boling Arena.

It is this breakthrough technology that is the foundation of the new SuperSport™ LED luminaire for indoor arena applications. By eliminating the traditional aluminum heat sink, LEDNA has been able to reduce the size and weight of the fixture.  

A successful test program was conducted with the University of Tennessee at Thompson-Boling Arena.  The SuperSport™ was mounted 110’ above the arena floor and it took only 23 fixtures to deliver 130fc to illuminate one-half of the basketball court. 

The SuperSport™ can be catwalk mounted utilizing the existing ballast brackets of current 1,000W+ HID installations. 

In addition, each SuperSport™ is individually controlled with its own intelligent computer card, allowing customized flexibility in dimming for each light. This same technology is being used to develop LEDNA’s UltraHighBay™ luminaire, a pendant mounted version of the SuperSport™.